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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Roller Coater Tycoon 3 is the third instilment of the Roller coater tycoon series made by Atari and programmed by Frontier Developments. Currently there are two expansions for the game Soaked, which adds many water park elements to the game, and wild which adds many zoo type elements to the game.

While progress on the game from developers hasn’t been heard from in a while there is a strong community of fans stile supporting this game. The majority of the following are links on how to customize RCT3 mostly using fan made add ones. While many people use these add-ons with no problems they are use at to your own risk no one is responsible if any of these add-ons mess up your game.

Custom scenery

Custom scenery is both the most active and most complex part of the RCT3 community. Custom scenery greatly opens up the RCT3 platform to allow for a lot of creativity. To help make this section easer it will be broken down in to sub sections.

Finding custom scenery

There are many places you can go to find custom scenery, but the most complete list of released sets can be fount here.

One of my favorite places to DL scenery is here at vodhin site.

Another good place can be fount here at

The RCT3 webring also host quite a bit of scenery sets.

A small but growing database can be fount at coaster net which is where I put up all my sets, note I have allowed some other sites to host my work so there is a chance you might see them at another site.

Some scenery makers also have there own web sites notably Vodhin, , shyguy ,Klinn, JCat (Pumper) , andBattor77 and cacheuxi (Lulujarre) .

Instilling custom scenery

Custom scenery goes in the folder (if you used default instaltion)C:\Program Files\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3\Style

If you would like a guide to installing custom scenery this is one of my favorits.

Another good one but slightly more complicated can be found here.

Making custom scenery

Making custom scenery is a complex process but has definitely gotten easer and there is definitely more information on the topic then ever before.

When it comes down to it you can find information on basically any thing you need to know by searching the RCT3 custom scenery section.

If you want an easer place to help get you on your way to making scenery check here. This site includes where to get the importer from and the Beginner's Tutorial, which is one if not the most complet guid to scenry making.

Another site that has various information on RCT3 scenery is Belgabor's RCT3 Page.

This sticky on Atari also has a lot of good information Link.

Custom Fireworks / Partial Effects

Whether you want to find fire works / partials for download or want to learn how to make your own using RCT3 built in particle editor your best place to look is

Some additional fire works / partial effects can be fount here at vodhin’s site.

The other place to find fireworks is at the RCT3 mix master section Link.

RCT3 Videos

There is a large group of people how make videos for RCT3.

One of the best places to find the top RCT3 videos is at put me on the net .net which is also the personal site of JMAinAZ who is conceded by many to be the top creator of RCT3 videos.

Another site for a great collection of RCT3 videos is at vodhin’s site link.

Klinn also has some videos that he mad at his site

There is also the RCT3 user created media section were you can find many videos not on the above sits link.

Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes in RCT3 work by renaming peeps that in turn does various things to the game. For the best complete list of RCT3 cheat codes and what they do that I have fount check here.

Option Text Codes

Options text codes work by manipulating you game by changing your option text file. Adjustments that can be made include one of people favorite that allow track to intersect. It always recommend to make a back up of your RCT3 option text before modifying it. Your option text file can be fount at C:\Documents and Settings\ username\Application Data\Atari\RCT3\Options.txt For the best list of options text codes, what the do and how to use them check here.

Flying Camera Editor / Movie Making

As some of you might have noticed that RCT3 has the ability to record video. This is done by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F11 and then pressing it aging when you to stop filming. Well the flying camera editor, which is a ½ finished feature of RCT3 and can be fount by renaming a peep to D Lean. For information on how to use the flying camera editor I would recommend checking Klinn tutorial here.

Another spot on the web to find good information for RCT3 move making, which is also mentioned in Klinn tutorial is here click on the making movies to view.

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